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  • 0-1k units: $1.45
  • 1k-2k units: $1.35
  • 2k-3k units: $1.25
  • 3k-4k units: $1.05
  • 4k and above we give custom rates
  • Bundles: 0.25
  • Medium Boxes: $3.25
  • Large Boxes: $4.25
  • Poly Bags: $0.15

Cost Per Unit Includes:

  • Receiving
  • Inspection
  • Label Removal
  • Inventory Pictures  
  • We provide photos for ungating (no one else does this!!)
  • Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation Warning, & Single unit, do not open)


  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Contract
  • No Upfront Fee
  • No minimum # of units meaning, if you have a slow month we will still have you as a client


  • Bundles = $0.25 for 5 items and below
  • Bundles with more than 5 units is an extra $.10 per extra unit


Within A 30 Day Period

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  • You will immediately get an onboarding email.
  • After receiving an email with instructions on how to set up an account on our software, you will be prepared to go.
  • Explore our knowledge base to find out how to expand your partnership’s business.

What Our Customer Say

James Customer

Having started working with JMBPREP after a personal recommendation nearly two years ago, we haven't looked back. The team handled well. Also, the post development support that JMBPREP have provided has been first class.

Harrison Adam Customer

I believe, any team should be able to understand the requirements, deliver on time, deliver according to the requirements. With JMBPREP we have found the team that can provide all three. It’s a great team with excellent communication skills that made a difference in our business.

Samuel Raxon Customer

JMBPREP was referred to us by one of our employees because they had been so incredibly professional. They have proven to be extremely trustworthy, valued partners who make good recommendations and deliver consistently.


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